“Tiny sangies are THE SHIT”


  Almost three years ago I hosted my own tea party. I made brownies, cake and scones, tiny cucumber sandwiches, and brewed different varieties of tea. It was SO. Sweet.*

*Except for the part where my older sister arrived hungover even though she knew when the tea party was because it happened to be at her very own house, Steph I’m talking to you. NEVER FORGET.


  The pictures are pretty shoddy and my presentation left much to be desired, but it was a fun day. I would definitely have more creative decorating ideas the second time around.

Tea parties aren’t just for kids you know. They are a great activity for those of us that spend many mornings lingering in front of the closet, staring longingly at our dressiest piece of clothing that we never get to wear. At a tea party, sweats are prohibited. Dresses or blouses are encouraged; pearls are supplementary.

  Here is a list of tea party facts:

  1. You won’t be hungover the next day
  2. You can speak in an English accent
  3. You get to eat a tiny lunch, and a tiny dessert
  4. You can ask someone “how many lumps do you take?”
  5. Nobody is going to puke
  6. Your drink won’t be roofied *hopefully


  Tea parties might be a springtime thing, but I think they are great for winter. You’re going to be stuck inside anyway, why not throw a party where you drink hot tea and snack on tiny treats? And I know what you’re thinking – how crazy can a tea party even get? Let me show you…


We were having tea and out of NOWHERE this cat just lays in a cardboard box. Fuck it was wild!!!!!!!!!

Would anybody be interested in some tea party-themed recipes for an upcoming post, with some decorating ideas? Am I a total loser? Let me know! Tell me what you think in the comments.



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