Espresso Energy Balls


Hiii. Due to the overwhelming (luke-warm) response on my Instagram page, I decided to make this my next post. You know when you’re at work and you just need a little snacky-poo? This is the snacky-poo you need. Creamy almond butter, rolled oats and ground flaxseed mixed with freshly ground espresso and chocolate chips, then rolled into bite-size balls that you can eat quickly and suspiciously because you’re not really supposed to be eating at work. And then somebody says, “What’s that?”

“It’s an energy ball!”

“What’s an energy ball?” 

“It’s like a, like, rolled oats and almond butter, and some chocolate, there’s some energy in there. It’s balls-it’s a ball. It tastes good. …..I have energy now!”

You too can have the energy, if you make these balls.

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Thai Chicken Wrap


HI HELLO SORRY I’M LATE, MY CAR BROKE DOWN. I usually post recipes on Sundays, but I was out of town and didn’t make anything noteworthy until I got back last night. So please forgive me (and if you can’t forgive me then you must forgive yourself for being impatient).

I used to make these wraps every day during my first ever job at a cafe when I was sixteen. They were pretty popular, and the recipe for the Thai sauce in them is quick to make and keeps in the fridge for up to two weeks. It’s a little sweet with a good sesame flavour coming through, and you can control the heat with the amount of hot sauce you add. This wrap is usually made with sweet bell peppers, but I had a lot of tomatoes, so I used tomatoes. Use whatever you want!

You could use it as a spread or dip – maybe on chicken strips. Maybe on stricken chips. Chippen stricks?

I’m really tired. Make this fucking wrap. I love you all.

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Dark Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars



I just wanna say that I really wrestled with the title for this recipe. I think I took the mature route by calling these what they are, but I wanted to call them what they look like. Protein turds. What is more catchy than that? I’m serious. You’re not going to forget a recipe with the word “turd” in it. You’re just not. And once you try them you will think “God that turd was good. Give me another turd.”

It’s just good to be original.

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