Mom, you’re gonna love this one.

Here’s a picture from the time I collected fourteen pairs (yes that’s fourteen pairs) of my mom’s reading glasses. She would kept losing them and buying more, so pretty soon they were stashed throughout the house. That was at least six years ago. Imagine how many she has now…


*My mom would probably want me to put a disclaimer here saying that she is not a crazy person who collects glasses. She is just a nice lady who likes to read!


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“Katie, LISTEN.”

17mps85i1e4zfjpgMy mom:

“Katie. Why don’t you just go to Jessica Seinfeld’s website? Jerry Seinfeld’s wife. She has a food blog AND a cookbook, and she is funny. Just send her a picture of yourself and say you admire her and MAYBE she will link you to her thousands of Instagram followers? THAT’S who you should be making connections with. People like that.”

What have I been waiting for? All I have to do is email the most famous people I can think of? DOY. Well fuck it, why don’t we just skip Jessica Seinfeld and go straight to Oprah??

Mom, you’re the cutest.

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Banana Bread Muffins


IT’S ANOTHER MOM ORIGINAL. The most delectable, moist, and loving banana bread recipe you’ll ever use. It’s the type of muffin you use to break bread with your enemies, or whatever.

My mom is kind of pissed that I didn’t pack these with walnuts (like she did), but chocolate chips always take priority in my recipes. Also, she loves raisins. So she’s a little sweetie but I know that I can’t always trust her because one day she might just snap and sprinkle raisins into everything.

Banana bread muffins. But wait, isn’t that a little redundant? Couldn’t you just call them banana muffins? No. Because you should never forget that you have choices in this recipe. Bread or muffins. I am pro-choice.

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Mom’s Cookies

IMG_5700-2I was lucky growing up to have a mom that baked. We never had store-bought cookies in our lunch – something I whined about as a kid. But I now appreciate what my mom was trying to do. She taught me the difference between pre-made and homemade. She kept me from becoming someone whose recipes include ingredients like “1 box Bisquick” or “instant brownie mix”. (If you’re reading this and feeling offended because you use instant shit, come see me. You can still be saved.) Thanks, mom.

She used to make these cookies all the time when I was a kid. Everyone loved them (obviously) and I am going to share them with you because I’m mama’s little sweetie and I would never deprive you.

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Bee Sting Cake

 In high school my mom and I would make frequent shopping trips in the next town over, and when we were feeling naughty we’d stop at the famous Coombs Market for a bee sting donut. My mom loves dessert as much as I do (she taught me to bake) and she’s always daydreaming about a slice of cold cake, that isn’t too sweet or too rich. Versus my dad, who will act like he’s unsure of the dessert but will be found at 2AM bent over the counter, fork in hand and a guilty look on his face. My dad doesn’t discriminate against desserts. I like him.

This cake has less than 1 cup of refined sugar in the entire recipe (plus 3 tablespoons of honey). It is a yeasted cake, lightly sweetened, with a homemade, smooth vanilla custard and caramelized almond slices for a crunchy topping.

Try it. You’ll like it. And if you don’t like it, then you can buzz off.

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Apple Pie


Mom came to visit this weekend and brought in her little suitcase a box of lard, a bag of apples and a dash of family fun! Golly it was a time.

My mom has made this pie about two hundred times, so I decided to soak in an extra pastry tutorial with my camera while she did all the work. Plus, this pie is a hot prize. I don’t usually post recipes that I haven’t actually made myself, but she my mom. She can be my proxy.


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