Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs

HI, hey, look over here I have another breakfast recipe, straight from the kitchen of Gordon Ramsay. Well it’s actually from his Youtube channel. But I trust Gordon Ramsay. He’s a great cook and he makes these funny hand gestures when he explains things, like my mom. Hi, mom.

Now, most of you have had scrambled eggs… But I bet a lot of you have never had scrambled eggs like this. They are creamier, softer, and sexier than the scrambled eggs you grew up with. They are the scrambled eggs of the upper crust. They are the scrambled eggs that Queen Elizabeth would eat.

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Orange Pancakes with Berry Compote

 Now…. This is a more mature pancake recipe. It’s light, fresh, and fruity. The berries react luminously with the…refreshing citrus… It is best paired with a sparkling apple juice,.. Has….many levels of culinary delight….

I need audio to go with my recipes because I’m really afraid that you can’t hear my sarcastic drawl. Can you? Do I look like a culinary expert? I’m not. I am an eating expert though. If I earned a dollar for every time I ate for fun I’d have a lot of loonies. 

These pancakes are delicate, spongey and not cake-y, which make a better stack (in my opinion). Thick pancakes are great but eating a stack of those will send you into a flapjack coma. I did that when I was like ten at a sleepover because my friend’s hospitable mom kept asking me if I’d like seconds, and I kept saying yes, until I’d eaten ten pancakes. I’m really proud of that. I love telling that story. TEN years old. Can you imagine!??? Amazing.

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