Raspberry Cheesecake Parfaits (For Two)

IMG_0606_Paula Deen is a lot of things: racist, Southern, butter… But damnit, she makes great dessert. And if you like cheesecake (like me), but are too lazy to make it (like me), then these parfaits are the answer. You get the rich and creamy texture of a cheesecake with that tangy and sweet raspberry, but don’t have to bullshit with slicing anything. So no one can point at you and say “HAY SHE HAD THREE PIECES!!!” You’ll say, “No, I had one huge jar. Now shut up and eat your kale chips.”

The best part about this dessert is that it’s red and white, so you can make it for Canada Day and pass it off as patriotic! YAAAY!

The worst part about it is nothing. There is no bad part about it.

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Simple Chocolate Mousse


I really wrestled with the decision to call this chocolate mousse. It’s thicker than your average mousse. Not light like a cloud, but thick and creamy. It’s rich, best enjoyed with whipped cream.

Anyway. When I had my old blog, I made guacamole, or what I thought was guacamole. I made it with sour cream, instead of what may be more authentic: yogurt. Well this girl jumped right up into my bunghole about it, saying I was not keeping true to the legacy of guacamole. Now that I’ve started a new blog I’m scared that girl is going to find me again.

So, guacamole girl, if you’re reading this, I’M NOT 100% SURE THIS IS TECHNICALLY MOUSSE. PLEASE DON’T YELL AT ME AGAIN.

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Chocolate Caramel (Millionaire) Bars


Went to the store and picked up this little guy. Good tip: looking for an easy recipe? Check out the website of the brand you just bought. Some of my best recipes are courtesy of Hershey. These bars are most commonly known as “Millionaire Shortbread” but I refer to them as “crack bars” or “homemade Twix”, or “YOU’VE ALREADY HAD LIKE TEN DON’T TOUCH THOSE”.

Let’s just dive right in you guys! I can’t wait. This is going to be the best recipe of our lives.

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Chocolate Pie


Hey buddy, just popped in to say hi. I’m still here, just busy baking things and forgetting to photograph them. I forget what else I was going to say here, because I’m imagining having a slow motion pie-eating contest by myself.

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