Photoshop: It Is Not The Enemy

The last time I tried to learn to use Adobe Photoshop I cried. Not a lot of crying, but I got those angry tears reserved for:

a) when your sister won’t stop whistling as a form of psychological warfare and you HATE whistling and you’re going to have an embolism if she doesn’t stop

b) when you don’t understand how to use the two hundred features in photoshop, so your ignorance makes you mad and helpless…like the way grandpa acts when he has to use a computer to check his gat dang emails

My sister wouldn’t shut up about Photoshop. I told her it was too much work. I didn’t want to have to edit my photos, because then every post (with 10-15 pictures) would take like three hours. No way. That would be seriously cutting into my Netflix time, and I have to finish The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (so good, by the way).

But I knew my lighting needed improvement (among other things, please know that I do not think of myself as a good photographer) so I listened. Also because my sister has drill-sergeant qualities when she is trying to teach you something and so not paying attention is not really an option.

What I learned is that there are a lot of ways to brighten your pictures without the use of reflectors, or more lights, or an extra sun. I am not going to try to explain these ways because I’ll sound like an idiot, but you can see below what we did and the difference it made:

IMG_3030 IMG_3030_update
What I learned is that Adobe Photoshop is not the enemy. Perhaps I’ve been the enemy all along…



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