Orange Pancakes with Berry Compote

 Now…. This is a more mature pancake recipe. It’s light, fresh, and fruity. The berries react luminously with the…refreshing citrus… It is best paired with a sparkling apple juice,.. Has….many levels of culinary delight….

I need audio to go with my recipes because I’m really afraid that you can’t hear my sarcastic drawl. Can you? Do I look like a culinary expert? I’m not. I am an eating expert though. If I earned a dollar for every time I ate for fun I’d have a lot of loonies. 

These pancakes are delicate, spongey and not cake-y, which make a better stack (in my opinion). Thick pancakes are great but eating a stack of those will send you into a flapjack coma. I did that when I was like ten at a sleepover because my friend’s hospitable mom kept asking me if I’d like seconds, and I kept saying yes, until I’d eaten ten pancakes. I’m really proud of that. I love telling that story. TEN years old. Can you imagine!??? Amazing.

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Chocolate Caramel (Millionaire) Bars


Went to the store and picked up this little guy. Good tip: looking for an easy recipe? Check out the website of the brand you just bought. Some of my best recipes are courtesy of Hershey. These bars are most commonly known as “Millionaire Shortbread” but I refer to them as “crack bars” or “homemade Twix”, or “YOU’VE ALREADY HAD LIKE TEN DON’T TOUCH THOSE”.

Let’s just dive right in you guys! I can’t wait. This is going to be the best recipe of our lives.

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Chocolate Pie


Hey buddy, just popped in to say hi. I’m still here, just busy baking things and forgetting to photograph them. I forget what else I was going to say here, because I’m imagining having a slow motion pie-eating contest by myself.

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