Cold Brew Coffee

IMG_7276_My first job was at a tiny cafe when I was sixteen. I worked there for two years making lattes and shit, way before I knew that being a barista was supposed to be “cool”. I got there at 6:30AM and would shoot the shit with a bunch of salty old men while I brewed their coffee. (One time we ran out of cream, so I gave them milk instead. I got a real tongue lashing for that one, Jesus Christ.) WELL it turns out that during my time as a coffee machine, I didn’t actually learn that much. There is a lot more to making coffee than I thought, and I’m still learning.

I’ve finally learned of the brewing method called the “cold brew”. So this is going to be a Cold Brew How-to. Apparently, cold brew coffee is not just “iced coffee” – it is literally coffee brewed with cold water. It’s an easy beverage to make ahead of time, it’s less acidic with a smoother flavour, and can keep up to two weeks in the fridge. You can just pour a cup before work, add cream, don’t add cream, some ice maybe, and it’s a super quick iced coffee to-go.



  • coffee grinder
  • pitcher
  • measuring cup
  • coffee filters


Here’s what you’ll need. I’ve taken a picture in case you have never seen these items before.

I found it a little difficult to settle on the right goldielocks grind (not too coarse, not too fine, just in the middle). I determined it to be small chunks, not fine enough to be an espresso grind, but not huge pieces of coffee bean, either. #scientific
IMG_7178 IMG_7180
Stir 1 cup medium ground coffee into 3 cups cold water in a large pitcher, or bowl, or you can mix it in your bellybutton, I don’t care. (…Although if your bellybutton is big enough to hold 3 cups of water I don’t want to ever see it.) Make sure the grounds are fully saturated.

Cover, and refrigerate for 12-14 hours (I refrigerated mine for 24, still great). This would be easy to make before bed – all you’d need to do in the morning is filter the grounds out.


(Before and after brewing. I just like top-down shots.)


Filter out the coffee grounds using one of many options recommended by Kicking Horse Coffee, “old shirts, mesh or fine colander, pour over cloth filters, paper coffee filters, nylon stockings or cheese cloth”.

*I actually found that the regular paper filter was quite slow, and I would have been able to speed things up by tying the grounds up into the coffee filter, to brew in a makeshift teabag.


*PS sorry Kicking Horse Coffee that I only featured your tutorial and not your coffee but I have a bag of your espresso in my cupboard right now so nobody can be mad @ me. #shoplocally #vancouverisland #COFFEEEEEEEE

Recipe from Kicking Horse Coffee



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