Banana Bread Muffins


IT’S ANOTHER MOM ORIGINAL. The most delectable, moist, and loving banana bread recipe you’ll ever use. It’s the type of muffin you use to break bread with your enemies, or whatever.

My mom is kind of pissed that I didn’t pack these with walnuts (like she did), but chocolate chips always take priority in my recipes. Also, she loves raisins. So she’s a little sweetie but I know that I can’t always trust her because one day she might just snap and sprinkle raisins into everything.

Banana bread muffins. But wait, isn’t that a little redundant? Couldn’t you just call them banana muffins? No. Because you should never forget that you have choices in this recipe. Bread or muffins. I am pro-choice.

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Lavender Honey Lemonade


It’s like, getting hot out. So I thought I needed a cold drink or something. Ever since I bought these lavender florets, I have been thinking of ways to infuse it into everything. I even have a tiny sachet of lavender that I keep in my dresser and furiously rub all over whatever shirt I’m about to put on. So I took a chance with this recipe, and I really liked it. Lavender has a strong floral aroma but the amount used in this recipe only gives off a subtle, romantic flavour, with just enough honey to cradle the citrus. All righty?

And I want to thank all of you for reading my recipes, because without this blog I would be playing way too much Sims 4.


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S’more Bars


This recipe is for adults only. Adults who can’t go camping because they have to work, or because they actually maybe don’t really want to go camping but they just want the s’mores OK?

These bars are kind of like s’mores without the bullshit graham cracker that resists breaking until the marshmallow and chocolate have been nearly squeezed out the other end. You know? I mean, I love you graham cracker, but play the game. You’re supposed to be like the bouncer that keeps marshmallow and chocolate in place. You got replaced by a softer, thicker security detail that actually does its job.

Bonus: these are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and vegan. JUST KIDDING. HAHAHA.

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Photoshop: It Is Not The Enemy

The last time I tried to learn to use Adobe Photoshop I cried. Not a lot of crying, but I got those angry tears reserved for:

a) when your sister won’t stop whistling as a form of psychological warfare and you HATE whistling and you’re going to have an embolism if she doesn’t stop

b) when you don’t understand how to use the two hundred features in photoshop, so your ignorance makes you mad and helpless…like the way grandpa acts when he has to use a computer to check his gat dang emails

My sister wouldn’t shut up about Photoshop. I told her it was too much work. I didn’t want to have to edit my photos, because then every post (with 10-15 pictures) would take like three hours. No way. That would be seriously cutting into my Netflix time, and I have to finish The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (so good, by the way).

But I knew my lighting needed improvement (among other things, please know that I do not think of myself as a good photographer) so I listened. Also because my sister has drill-sergeant qualities when she is trying to teach you something and so not paying attention is not really an option.

What I learned is that there are a lot of ways to brighten your pictures without the use of reflectors, or more lights, or an extra sun. I am not going to try to explain these ways because I’ll sound like an idiot, but you can see below what we did and the difference it made:

IMG_3030 IMG_3030_update
What I learned is that Adobe Photoshop is not the enemy. Perhaps I’ve been the enemy all along…

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It’s a cereal cycle…

Sometimes when I have my night-time bowl of cereal (tonight it’s an off-brand version of Golden Grahams) I end up with a little bit of milk left in the bowl. So I think what the hell? I’ll top it off with just a little more cereal to wrap things up. Then I pour too much cereal. So I pour more milk in.

And now I’m not sure how many bowls of cereal I actually just ate. It’s a cereal cycle.

Am I a cereal killer?

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Simple Chocolate Mousse


I really wrestled with the decision to call this chocolate mousse. It’s thicker than your average mousse. Not light like a cloud, but thick and creamy. It’s rich, best enjoyed with whipped cream.

Anyway. When I had my old blog, I made guacamole, or what I thought was guacamole. I made it with sour cream, instead of what may be more authentic: yogurt. Well this girl jumped right up into my bunghole about it, saying I was not keeping true to the legacy of guacamole. Now that I’ve started a new blog I’m scared that girl is going to find me again.

So, guacamole girl, if you’re reading this, I’M NOT 100% SURE THIS IS TECHNICALLY MOUSSE. PLEASE DON’T YELL AT ME AGAIN.

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Maple Pecan Scones

ittle doogie (that’s me) figured out how to make a light box this weekend, thanks to this tutorial. That’s right. My photography is about to get a little less embarrassing and a little more delicious.

This is another favorite from my cookbook by the Pioneer Woman. The scones are crumbly, tender, light and on their own not overly sweet. But they’ve been dancing in a maple-flavoured rain, and they gotsta warm up with a cup o’ tea.

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Easy Miso Soup

Usually for lunch at work I’ll have a granola bar, a banana, a sandwich with some kind of sugar-packed spread. I sit there in the lunch room with my feet propped up, viciously gnawing off a piece of the granola bar into my mouth (rock hard from the cold weather). I look down at the crumbs on my shirt and nod. My hair is frizzy, my eyeliner is smeared. I am an idiot.

But with my new lunch, I am Cool Girl.

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Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies



Just these cookies. I can already hear the guy in the background, flailing one arm in the air and yelling “HAAYYY. WE’VE ALRIDDY HAD CHOC-LIT CHUP CUCKIES.” But these are chocolate chunk cookies. With salt. And some extra TLC. I promise if you get on this salty cookie train with me, you’ll get off in chocolate town with a hop in your step and a crumb in your pocket.

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