Here’s me at the Moss Street Market in Victoria, years before I moved here. (I think I was about fifteen?)

I still have that ring! And no I haven’t changed from this picture–I still put things up my nose.


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Food Throwback

Here’s a picture of my first meal at John’s Place here in Victoria back in 2013.

I ordered the Belgian waffle with cream cheese syrup. Their cream cheese syrup is fucked, and when I say fucked, I mean it’s very good. They were even on The Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here (they appear around 8:45)!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I LOVE going out for breakfast, and every single server I’ve met at John’s has been like a fun aunt who says yes to everything.


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Mom, you’re gonna love this one.

Here’s a picture from the time I collected fourteen pairs (yes that’s fourteen pairs) of my mom’s reading glasses. She would kept losing them and buying more, so pretty soon they were stashed throughout the house. That was at least six years ago. Imagine how many she has now…


*My mom would probably want me to put a disclaimer here saying that she is not a crazy person who collects glasses. She is just a nice lady who likes to read!


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