Chocolate Caramel Tarts (or bars!)


Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who is the loveliest lady in my life. She constantly says things that are adorable, like the time she was pulled over, and upon being asked if she’d had anything to drink that night replied, “just milk!” She still loved me after getting a call letting her know that “Katie is pooping under the neighbour’s tree” when I was three. She tolerated the many times my sister and I trapped her in the bathroom until she said the one word she hates more than any word, ever (The C Word). She is patient and kind. And she’s going to be pissed about the picture I posted below.

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Cream Puffs

IMG_6772_  I was watching Master Chef the other night, where during the “dreaded pressure test” (do they have to use that phrase every single time?) the contestants had to make croquembouche – a cone-shaped tower of cream puffs, held together by threads of caramel. I’m an arrogant asshole of a baker, and I was like, “lol yeah I could do that”.

..Well I didn’t do it. But I did make the cream puffs, and I plan to try croquembouche one day. And it is actually good to be an arrogant baker – it will help you to try new recipes without fear. I don’t always succeed at everything I bake, but I have nailed a few recipes on my first try. Not because I’m a particularly skilled baker, but because I assumed I could do it. (I told you, arrogant.)

So be an arrogant asshole in your kitchen. Be a dick. Because if you want to be a baker, eventually you’ll have to let go of Betty Crocker’s hand!

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Cream Horns

My mom is a really nice lady. She taught me how to bake, and over the years she has donated to me countless baking pans, spatulas and cake knives. But when I came home to visit one weekend and asked if I could take home her cream horn molds (which she never uses), she said no. I couldn’t believe it. I told her “I can’t believe it”. She still wouldn’t give them to me.

So this should tell you how good cream horns are. This is a story of a mother denying her child, just so she could preserve the opportunity to eat this dessert. Unbelievable.

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