Back to that time I made a mini crime scene… (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)


Seriously, I did it.

My apartment had a little mouse problem a few months ago. For a time, there was a mouse I would see most early mornings in the kitchen. I’d be making coffee, and I’d look down and see this tiny gray head emerging from under the fridge.

There would be a long pause while we both stared at each other, daring the other to make the first move. My body would be humming with both excitement and terror. Then I’d see his tiny middle finger lifting into the air, and I’d make a dive towards him. But in an instant, he was gone.

Anyway, one day after the mouse traps had been set up, something fell behind the oven drawer. So I pulled out the drawer.  Behind it I found one mouse trap and one slain mouse, laying artistically in a petite pool of his own, tiny blood. Immediately I knew it was a homicide, because. At the same time, I realized I had to create a tiny crime scene to preserve the evidence and help me fully investigate the crime.

So I did it. …And that’s as far as my train of thought went with that oneIMG_9564_




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