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Hey, buddy!

Welcome to Penelope’s Place, where eating is the goal.

As someone who has been eating professionally for 24 years (and counting), I learned to bake at an early age. Cooking soon followed, as I learned that one cannot subsist on cookies and cakes alone. I spend a lot of my time reading food blogs, and what I’ve noticed is that many of them seem to share the same cliche. Typically the writers are young mothers or wives sharing stories of their children, husbands, or homes.

“Hey,” I can hear some of you thinking, “what’s wrong with that?!” Nothing! But as a 24 year old single woman with no kids and no mortgage who swears sometimes, I find the content of these blogs is difficult to relate to. I’ve always wanted to write exactly the way I speak.


Who am I hoping will read my blog? Anybody that thinks I’m funny. Seriously. If you think I’m funny, I want to be your friend, because it means you’re funny too. Those that love to eat, I want you here too. Because you’re really missing out by buying the mass-produced cookies at the grocery store. Spoiler alert: you can bake better ones.

I pledge to share with you my fuck-ups, my success stories, and my socially awkward moments that happen when I’m trying to adult. I pledge to share only delicious recipes, both decadent and healthy, savoury and sweet. And I pledge to use this blog to turn you into a fucking bo$$ in the kitchen. Because if the idiot in that picture can make all of this, then so can you.

So sip on THAT.






  1. Hey there Penelopy. Thanks for this great entertainment. I am loving your blog. And I am 60 something!

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